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  • Name: Experimental supercritical extraction device
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    The specifications of experimental equipment is 100ml、200ml、500ml、1L、2L、5L etc. Accordig to the customs requirment we can customized the volume and supprotig the separations.
    Equipment have features compared with similar products at home and abroad:
1.The CO₂can be used circulatory and we have the loop to recover the CO₂of the extractions. It can keep the pressure of the extractions under 4MPa after running to make the emissions lowest.Without this loop after experiment the pressure of the extractions is between 7MPa to 8MPa.To empty the CO₂it will make resource waste and the noise is high and the time is long.
2.It will make the fluid balance with the new fluid distribution method,and it also can let the CO₂uniform contact with the solute to shorten the extract time to increase the output.
3.With the new method and techlology the weight of CO₂stay in the cylinder is under 1Kg and the pressure is about1.5MPa.Without the method the weight is between 4Kg to 7Kg and the pressure is about 4 MPa.
4.It can control the "thermal inertia" of the temperature effective with the temperature measurement system and temperature control system of every kettle.
5.The quick opening structure by oursealves is used in the extraction and the separation.It is easy to operate and the seal is very reliable.It is swelling with the CO₂and good repeatability,after using longer time you do not need to change the rings, it also solve the O-rings expansion problem with CO₂.
6.Safety system of double pressure protection:
   Every kettle has relief valve when the kettle is overpressure it can protect the kettle.
   On the deputy pump there is a electric contact pressure gauge it can use upper and lower pressure pointer to carry out the pressure-protection.When the system is overpressure the pointer touch with with the upper pressure pointer the pump stoped when the pressure is droped to the setting pressure the pump can still worked to raise the pressure.The normal extraction equipment does not has this function.
7.The automatic system and manualwork system are equiped in this equipment.Automatic and the manualwork are used together can raise the precision,the control precision is ±0.5MPa,to make the purity higher.

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