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  • Name: Pilot plant test supercritical CO2 extraction plant
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   The specifications of extraction kettles of the pilot plant test supercritical CO2 extraction plant are 10L、20L、24L etc. According to the requirement of the customers we customize the combination of the extraction kettles and with the corresponding separation kettles.
   The max working pressure of the extraction kettle is 80MPa and the temperature is 80℃ and the max flowrate of the
CO₂pump is 600/h. The sealing structure of the extraction kelttle is clamp quick-opening, like the old kind the thread sealing structure if the customer opreate the plant a whole day the lifetime is almost 3 years but with the clamp quick-opening structure the is safer and the lifetime is safer.
   The characteristics of the equipment :
1.Energy saving.No matter  the pressure of the extraction kettle emptying but also the pressure of CO₂stay in the cylinder both can be effective and full used. The pressure of the extraction kettle emptying is not higher than 4MPa the CO₂stay in the cylinder is no more than 1Kg.
2.Efficiency.We optimize the technological process of the extraction and raise the extraction efficiency and utilization ratio. It will make the fluid balance with the new fluid distribution method,and it also can let the CO₂uniform contact with the solute to shorten the extract time to increase the output.
3.The cyclone type separation can raise the separating dffect and do not take the active ingredient return to the front end of the system. We use new technology to deal with the inner wall of the separation kettle to make it more smooth so the isolate cant residual in the separetion.
4.The whole supprot is 304SS and the operation process is with the support so it is easy to study and operate quickly.
5.The spares of the tube valve is more precision to make the whole system better and better.

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