High quality innovation unleashes strong momentum


This year, Hai'an City has become the only area in the province that has achieved remarkable results in implementing the "40 points of scientific and technological innovation" and "30 points of scientific and technological reform". In the list of "2019 National Top 14 Innovation Districts and Counties", our city ranked 152th. In the first half of the year, Hai'an added 100 new industry-university-research cooperation projects, including 18 projects of more than 30 million yuan and 84 projects of more than 18,<> yuan; <> new first sets and first product projects were added.

Jianqiang platform to create an "incubator" for the transformation of achievements

On October 10, in Nantong Ruizhi Supercritical Technology Development Co., Ltd., Chairman Zhao Yaping was working with the team on the research and development of superfluid extraction equipment. "I came to Hai at the end of 19 to start my own business. The High-tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Park took the initiative to solve various difficulties for us, such as policy declaration and financing docking, so that we could concentrate on product research and development. In just a few years, under the "care" of the Haian Gaochuang Zhigu Science and Technology Innovation Park incubator, the annual sales of Ruizhi Technology increased from 2014 million yuan to more than 300 million yuan, and the company obtained two national invention patent authorizations, and a number of research results filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level.

Located in the High-tech Zone, Haian High-tech Innovation Valley Science and Technology Innovation Park Incubator is a business park focusing on incubating enterprises. "We have attracted one management consultancy, one financial and tax consulting, one intellectual property agency and two venture capital companies, and strive to build a series of service platforms such as marketing, financing, and public technical services." The person in charge of the incubator of Haian High-tech Innovation Wisdom Valley Science and Technology Innovation Park introduced. At present, there are 1 incubated enterprises, and more than 2 patents have been applied for in incubation enterprises.

In recent years, Hai'an City has vigorously promoted the construction of "three innovation carriers" integrating incubation, acceleration and industrialization, providing strong support for the extension of the industrial chain to the high-end. Up to now, the city has built a total of 76,9 square meters of "three innovation carriers". In the past two years, more than 100 high-tech projects have been recruited. Haian High-tech Innovation Valley Science and Technology Innovation Park has been publicly recognized by the provincial science and technology business incubator, and the Science and Technology Innovation Park of the Development Zone has been publicly recognized by the provincial public innovation community, the only one in Nantong.

Lead the way and be a good "red lady" for the marriage of science and technology enterprises

In September this year, the Tianying "Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Plasma Harmless Waste Ash Disposal Technology" project led by Dr. Li Yaojian was selected as the list of key core technology (equipment) research projects in Jiangsu Province in 9. This is one of the key support projects of the special fund for industrial transformation and upgrading in Jiangsu Province, which is to support enterprises to break through the bottleneck of "stuck neck" technologies such as key core technologies, major equipment shortcomings, important software and systems. "At the industry-university-research matchmaking activity organized by the municipal government, we reached a cooperation with Dr. Li Yaojian, which greatly enhanced our independent research and development level and further tasted the sweetness brought by scientific and technological innovation." Yan Shengjun, head of Tianying Group, introduced, "This set of key technologies and core equipment for plasma gasification and melting, independently developed by Tianying and mastering completely independent intellectual property rights, has broken the monopoly of foreign technology and directly promoted the upgrading of the hazardous waste disposal industry." It is expected that the annual operating income and equipment sales revenue will reach 2020 million yuan. "To accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements, innovation carriers need to provide the "backbone". Over the years, Hai'an Le has been a "popular lady" for science and technology enterprises, integrated the resources of science and technology enterprises, led by the government, and deeply implemented activities such as "government departments serving enterprises science and technology line", "innovation and entrepreneurship in Hai'an" and "experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences entering Hai'an", adding nearly 2 new industry-university-research cooperation projects and achievement transformation projects every year, and net increasing industrial invoicing sales by more than 300%.

The key to enhancing the ability of independent technological innovation of enterprises is to stimulate the endogenous driving force of independent technological innovation of enterprises. Haian encourages leading enterprises in the industry to build enterprise research institutes to carry out common technology research and development, major core product research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements for the industry. Lianfa Group, Iron Anchor Glass, Tianying Group and other key enterprise research institutes were completed and operated. This year, Hai'an added 1 provincial key laboratory, 8 in the province and 2 in Nantong; 1 new provincial academician workstation, the only one in Nantong; Won 2 provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation fund projects, accounting for 2/9 of Nantong.

Policy support forges innovation "accelerators"

On July 7, Yan Changhai, the person in charge of Jiangsu Xinxiang Electromechanical Co., Ltd., received a loan notice from Bank of Jiangsu. The company is a small and micro enterprise engaged in the development and production of light weight and high-strength material auto parts, in the past two years, the company's raw material procurement costs have been rising, and the financial pressure has doubled. "Under the precise docking of the staff of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the company successfully obtained 14 million yuan of 'Suke loan' funds, and the research and development and industrialization of new projects began smoothly!" Yan Changhai said.

While the invisible hand of the market promotes independent innovation of enterprises and industrial optimization and upgrading, the visible hand of the government is behind it to create a better environment for scientific and technological development. At present, the "financing difficulty" of small and medium-sized micro enterprises is a common problem, and the municipal government has accelerated the work of "Suke loan", through strengthening publicity and reporting, actively tracking services, and doing everything possible to provide financial support for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises with outstanding innovation ability and strong core competitiveness. Since 2011, 121 enterprises in Hai'an have applied for the "Suke loan" business, with a loan amount of 7 million yuan, including 4 high-tech enterprises, 78 new patents, 562 national science and technology projects and 28 provincial science and technology projects, achieving an industrial output value of nearly 18.49 billion yuan. In order to solve the difficulties of technology-based enterprises during the epidemic, Haian also formulated rent reduction policies in a timely manner. Enterprises that lease various state-owned asset operating premises such as science and technology innovation parks, incubators, and standard factory buildings are exempted from paying 2 months' rent; For those who rent other business premises or operating carriers, landlords (landlords) are encouraged to reduce or reduce rent for tenants.

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