The reason for the widespread application of supercritical extraction!


Supercritical fluid is a kind of supercritical fluid, which is neither gaseous nor liquid state between gas and liquid. This kind of material can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. The density of supercritical fluid is larger, similar to that of liquid, and its viscosity is closer to that of gas. So supercritical fluid is an ideal extractant.

Supercritical is a supercritical fluid, which is a non-gaseous and non-liquid state of matter between gas and liquid, which can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. Supercritical fluids have a greater density, similar to liquids, and their viscosity is closer to that of gases. Therefore, supercritical fluids are an ideal extractant.


Supercritical extraction can be extracted at close to room temperature (35~40 °C) and CO2 gas envelope, effectively preventing the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, the active ingredients of medicinal plants are maintained in the extract, and the substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at temperatures far below their boiling point;


The use of SFE is the cleanest extraction method, because the whole process does not use organic solvents, so the extract has absolutely no residual solvent substances, thereby preventing the existence of harmful substances to the human body and environmental pollution during the extraction process, ensuring 100% naturalness;


Extraction and separation into one, when the saturated dissolved CO2 fluid enters the separator, due to the drop in pressure or temperature change, the CO2 and the extract quickly become two phases (gas-liquid separation) and immediately separate, not only the extraction efficiency is high and the energy consumption is less, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of costs;


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