Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction industrial production simulation system?


Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction industrial production simulation system? I believe many friends are not clear yet. In order to enhance everyone's understanding, the following editor will provide a specific introduction to this issue. Interested parties, let's take a look together! If you are also interested, you may come here to take a look.


Supercritical CO2 extraction industrial production simulation system? I believe that many friends are not clear, in order to enhance everyone's understanding, the following small editor will give a specific introduction to this problem, interested to take a look together! If you're interested, check it out here.

Supercritical carbon dioxide

Supercritical carbon dioxide not only because of its safety, cheapness, etc., but also because it can fill the entire space compared to conventional methods; Can dissolve other substances; The supercritical state has the properties of gases and liquids. The product is in a supercritical state under a certain temperature and pressure. And it has strong solubility and can be adjusted according to temperature and pressure; Supercritical carbon dioxide, its main purpose is to make nanoparticles. For example, let supercritical carbon dioxide dissolve a substance A, and then A fills the entire space, and then by adjusting the temperature and pressure, A precipitates out, and nanoscale particles will appear. This product uses supercritical fluid, that is, thermodynamic state fluid with temperature higher than critical temperature and pressure higher than critical pressure as extraction agent. Specific components are extracted from liquids or solids for separation purposes. The ability of supercritical carbon dioxide depends on the density of the fluid. The density of the fluid can be controlled by adjusting the pressure and temperature, which ensures the stability of product quality, is suitable for the separation of heat-sensitive substances, and can achieve no solvent residue. The company is a high-tech company dedicated to supercritical fluid process development and equipment manufacturing, the company has passed (GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015) quality system certification for customers to customize experiments.


Supercritical carbon dioxide fully meets the requirements of modern Chinese medicine. Supercritical fluid extraction technology is mainly reflected in the extraction and separation of active ingredients of single traditional Chinese medicine and the extraction and separation of active ingredients in compound traditional Chinese medicine preparations. In particular, its temperature is 31.3 °C, close to room temperature, and the critical pressure is 7.37MPa. Critical conditions are easily attainable and the entire separation process can be completed at close to room temperature. In addition, it has strong penetration, good fluidity, and fast solute transfer speed, which can greatly shorten the extraction time of the target substance. Of course, supercritical carbon dioxide is also odorless, chemically inert, and does not pollute the environment and products. There is no solvent residue, the extract is of good quality, and the residue can be used without treatment. Supercritical carbon dioxide is cheap and easy to obtain, non-flammable, explosive, and safe to use. The separation as a whole can greatly shorten the process flow and facilitate operation. Centrifugal separation technology is used to pretreat the fluid to further improve the extraction efficiency. Now the company makes full use of <> years of supercritical fluid process design and equipment manufacturing experience, and successfully develops domestic fully automatic intelligent equipment.


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