The magic of Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment


Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment is used to extract Walnut oil from the original hickory in Bijie, Guizhou. As a black technology in the extraction process of edible oil, Walnut oil's quality of extracted Walnut oil, whether safety or taste, is unmatched by other technologies. Today we will tell you the magic of Supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction.

Using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment to extract walnut oil from the original pecan in Bijie, Guizhou, walnut oil as a black technology in the edible oil extraction process, the quality of walnut oil extracted, whether it is safety or taste, is incomparable with other technologies, today will tell you the magic of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction.


Supercritical fluid extraction is a new type of separation and extraction technology that uses supercritical fluids with temperature and pressure above the critical point to extract and separate substances. The density of supercritical fluids is similar to that of ordinary liquids, so it has good solubility for many substances; At the same time, the characteristics of gas transmission and permeability are maintained. Near the critical point, small changes in pressure and temperature can cause significant changes in the density of the supercritical fluid, resulting in large changes in solubility. This property makes it simple and easy to separate products dissolved in supercritical fluids. Carbon dioxide is the most commonly used extractant, which is characterized by mild operating conditions, simple process, high efficiency, no destruction of active ingredients, easy separation of products, no pollution, it has been widely used in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, food and cosmetics.

Advantages of walnut oil supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment process: it can effectively prevent the oxidation of heat-sensitive substances and the quality is pure. The critical temperature of carbon dioxide is close to room temperature, and the extraction temperature does not exceed 40°. At this temperature, almost all heat-sensitive substances are not oxidized in the inert gas carbon dioxide medium, which preserves the naturalness of walnut oil to the greatest extent. The walnut oil produced by the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment does not need high-temperature refining, and the quality is better than the national first-class pressed walnut oil standard. The whole process from walnut kernels to refined oil is carried out at low temperatures, which well preserves the nutrients and bioactive components rich in walnut oil such as vitamin E, squalene, sterols and other beneficial to the human body, avoiding benzopyrene, aflatoxin, trans fatty acids, polyglycerides and other harmful substances, and absolutely no heavy metal residues. Supercritical extraction technology has no solvent residue problem and excellent quality. Autoclave kills all kinds of bacteria and effectively prevents microbial contamination. Supercritical sterilization does not require special conditions and manipulation and is carried out simultaneously with the extraction process. High-pressure carbon dioxide can effectively kill various bacteria. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic to the human body, pollution-free to the environment, and is obtained and prepared purely naturally.

Compared with other methods, the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment process of walnut oil has extremely high thresholds for equipment, high operating pressure, strict requirements for carbon dioxide extraction equipment, long extraction time for the same oil, and different environmental extraction conditions, and difficult operation.



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