Carbon dioxide extraction equipment can be used to extract volatile elements


Critical liquid was first discovered in 1822. The gases tested at that time were triafluoromethane, ethane, Nitrous oxide, Sulfur hexafluoride and propane. Finally, people chose carbon dioxide extraction equipment to extract volatile elements, which can be used for flavoring, perfume production and treatment.

Critical liquids were first discovered in 1822, when the gases tested were trifluoromethane, ethane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride and propane, and finally people chose carbon dioxide extraction equipment to extract volatile elements, which can be used in flavoring, perfume making and treatment. This refining method can also remove the coffee from coffee beans and extract cocoa butter and other kinds of vegetable oils. We know that carbon dioxide generally comes in two forms: solid dry ice and gas, but in any case, carbon dioxide does not exist in liquid form at normal atmospheric pressure.


If we set the pressure and temperature above the critical point, carbon dioxide becomes supercritical, divided into two different ranges: gas and liquid solvent. Carbon dioxide thus becomes a dense liquid, but it has a gaseous nature. Therefore, when refining plants, this liquid substance is not viscous, the surface is relatively loose, but it can be completely diffused. That's right, supercritical carbon dioxide, like liquids, has high density and good solubility. The greater the pressure, the better the solubility.

In most cases, carbon dioxide extraction equipment can refine non-polar elements, and carbon dioxide extraction looks like a non-polar solvent, so something with magnetic polarity will reduce the refining rate, so it is difficult for us to predict the outcome. Such as sugars, glycosides, amino acids, lecithin and other elements with magnetic polarity but can not be refined, the refining range is very wide, so carbon dioxide extraction equipment is not suitable for refining all medicinal plants, but depends on the degree of dissolution of the elements. More polar substances can modulate compounds, for example, you can add water to extract more polar compounds during the refining process, most commonly from coffee or more nicotine from tobacco. Using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method, the temperature is generally set at 40-60° and 90-500°. For herbal medicine, this supercritical refining method plays an important role because it can extract aromatic plants, vegetable oils, antioxidants, compounds and other therapeutic compounds that cannot be extracted by steam distillation. In addition, the liquid COrefining method has a main purpose, which is to extract hop compounds with beer flavor.

The temperature set by the carbon dioxide extraction equipment is very low, there is no oxygen and no water, so there will be no so-called "decomposition products" or "artificial products", so the extracted products can include the original components of the plant. The hexane solvent extraction method can extract all heavy and low-volatile molecules without serious problems, but the residual amount of solvent requires special attention. The development of essential oils has far exceeded the ancient distillation technology, although the aroma industry still prefers the traditional water vapor distillation of essential oils, but the essential oils extracted by carbon dioxide extraction equipment do have certain benefits.




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