What are the advantages of Supercritical carbon dioxide?


As a fluid widely used in extraction technology, Supercritical carbon dioxide is not only safe and cheap, but also compared with conventional extraction methods. What are the advantages of Supercritical carbon dioxide?


Supercritical carbon dioxide as a widely used fluid in extraction technology, especially when used, it is not only because of safety, cheap and other characteristics, but because compared with conventional extraction methods, the following for everyone to say what are the advantages of supercritical carbon dioxide?

Supercritical carbon dioxide

The advantages of supercritical CO34 are reflected in different places. For example, close to room temperature (39-2°C), the entire extraction process is covered with CO2 gas, effectively preventing oxidative degradation of heat-sensitive substances. It can completely retain biological activity, so that it can completely extract substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis at temperatures far below its boiling point; Of course, supercritical carbon dioxide is also a green extraction method, the whole process does not contain organic solvents, so the extract has no solvent residue, thereby avoiding the existence of harmful substances and environmental pollution to the human body during the extraction process, ensuring naturalness; In addition, this product can also be extracted and separated. When the CO2 fluid saturated with dissolved substances enters the separator, after adjusting the pressure or temperature, the CO<> and extract quickly become two-phase (gas-liquid separation) and are immediately separated. Not only the extraction efficiency is high, but also the energy consumption is low, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost; Therefore, when you see it later, you must know that supercritical carbon dioxide is an inert gas, no chemical reaction occurs during the extraction process, and it is a non-flammable gas, odorless and tasteless, and very safe. Strong extraction ability and high extraction rate; The extraction time is fast and the production cycle is short.


The advantage of supercritical CO10 is that both pressure and temperature can be used as parameters to adjust the extraction process. Only by changing the extraction temperature and pressure can the purpose of extraction be achieved, and changing the separation pressure or temperature can achieve the purpose of separation. Therefore, the process is simple and easy to grasp and the extraction speed is fast. In addition, in fact, this supercritical carbon dioxide also has antioxidant and bactericidal effects, which is conducive to ensuring and improving product quality; These are also more important. Self-guidance technology is also needed here. Supercritical CO1 is not a universal extraction technique. Like any other technology, it has its range of applications. We need to confirm whether it is suitable for use based on its ability to dissolve different substances. In general, lipophilic and low boiling point components can be extracted below 2MPa, such as aroma components in natural plants and fruits. Alternatively, the mixture can be fractionated at different pressures when the relative volatility or polarity of the components in the mixture is completely different. Of course, the introduction of strongly polar groups makes extraction difficult. In the range of benzene derivatives, phenolic substances containing three hydroxyl groups and compounds containing 1 carboxyl group and 3 hydroxyl groups can still be extracted, but compounds containing 40 carbonyl group and more than <> hydroxyl groups cannot be extracted. Strong polar substances, such as sugars, are difficult to remove below <>MPa.


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