Introduction to the characteristics of supercritical extraction, come and collect it!


The supercritical extraction device has a low critical temperature and is suitable for the extraction and purification of heat sensitive compounds. It can provide an inert environment, avoid product oxidation, and does not affect the Active ingredient of the extract. It is fast in extraction, nonflammable, safe in use, and does not pollute the environment.

The critical temperature of the supercritical extraction device is low, suitable for the extraction and purification of heat-sensitive compounds, can provide an inert environment, avoid product oxidation, do not affect the active ingredients of the extract, fast extraction speed, non-flammable, safe to use, and do not pollute the environment.


Supercritical extraction device has no solvent residue, no nitrate and heavy metal ions, the extraction kettle pressure ring is opened quickly, the O-ring is imported, the use cycle is more than 4 months, it can be designed and produced according to "GMP" standards, and can be designed and produced according to explosion-proof standards. The supercritical extraction device can be equipped with computer data acquisition and printing (flow, pressure, temperature) system, and the valve stem of all devices is durable, and adopts a safe and reliable double ferrule sealing structure.

Supercritical extraction

The technical separation and development process of supercritical extraction is carried out by using supercritical carbon dioxide to have a special dissolution effect on the study of some special natural products, and the dissolution ability of supercritical carbon dioxide can be related to its different densities, that is, the influence of working pressure and temperature on the dissolution behavior of supercritical carbon dioxide. What are the characteristics of supercritical extraction? Let's take a brief look at it together.


1. It can be extracted at close to room temperature (35-40 °C) and CO2 gas shrouded, effectively preventing the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances, therefore, the extract retains the active ingredients of medicinal plants, and substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at temperatures far below the boiling point.


2. The use of SFE is a cleaner extraction method, because the whole process does not use organic solvents, so there is no residual solvent substance, thereby preventing the existence of harmful substances to the human body and environmental pollution during the extraction process.


3. Extraction and separation are combined into one, when the saturated dissolved CO2 fluid enters the separator, due to the drop in pressure or temperature change, the CO2 and the extract quickly become two phases (gas-liquid separation) and immediately separate, not only the extraction efficiency is high and the energy consumption is less, the production efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced.


4. CO2 is an inactive gas, no chemical reaction occurs during the extraction process, and it is a non-combustible gas, tasteless, odorless, and very safe.


5. CO2 gas is cheap, high purity, easy to prepare, can be reused in production, effectively reducing the cost.


6. Pressure and temperature can become parameters to adjust the extraction process, it achieves the purpose by changing the temperature and pressure, supercritical extraction pressure fixed by changing the temperature can also separate the substance, and the extract is separated by reducing the pressure, so the process is simple and easy to master, and the speed is fast.


What are the requirements for the design of supercritical fluid extraction units? Let's take a look.


1) Safe and reliable under working conditions, can withstand frequent opening and closing of the lid (extraction kettle), good fatigue resistance;


2) Generally, one person is required to operate, and the opening and closing of the extraction kettle can be completed within 10min for a cycle, and the sealing performance is good;


3) Simple structure, easy to manufacture, can be used continuously for a long time (that is, can operate in three shifts);


4) Set up safety interlock device. High-pressure pumps have a variety of specifications to choose from, and three-plunger high-pressure pumps can better meet the requirements of supercritical CO2 extraction industrialization. Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment should be more practical in small and medium-sized enterprises. Large installations such as single kettles larger than 1000L should not be blindly started. Each set of equipment is equipped with 2~3 extraction kettles, and the efficiency will be higher. In general, the main equipment of the SFE process consists of high-pressure extractors, separators, heat exchangers, high-pressure pumps (compressors), storage tanks, and pipes, valves and joints connecting these equipment. In addition, due to the needs of control and measurement, there are also data acquisition, processing systems and control systems.



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