Application of Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction


Application of Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction What happens physically if carbon dioxide gas is continuously cooled and pressurized? Firstly, it reaches a "critical state"; Beyond the critical state, it will become a state of gas-liquid mixture, which is called a "supercritical liquid"

Supercritical CO2 extraction applications



What happens physically if carbon dioxide gas is constantly cooled and pressurized? First, it reaches a "critical state"; Beyond the critical state, it will become a gas-liquid mixed state, which is called the "supercritical liquid state" and continues to appear full of liquid,... . People call the carbon dioxide in the "mixture of gases and liquids" "supercritical carbon dioxide".

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Critical conditions for liquefaction of carbon dioxide gas: temperature of -20 °C, pressure of about 1.3 atmospheres, temperature of -10 °C, pressure of about 2.1 atmospheres, temperature of 0 °C, pressure of about 3.1 atmospheres, temperature of 10 °C, pressure of about 4 atmospheres, temperature of 15 °C, pressure of about 4.6 atmospheres, temperature 20 °C, pressure of about 5 atmospheres,


In other words, the temperature requirements of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction are easy to achieve, the pressure adjustment range is wide, and supercritical carbon dioxide is a hot state in which gas and liquid phase equilibrium coexist. In this state, it has good fluidity, less surface tension and strong solubility. Slight changes in supercritical pressure and temperature can change its solubility. In fact, many gases can become "supercritical liquids" under the action of temperature and pressure. There are many applications of "carbon dioxide supercritical liquid".


What are the outstanding properties of supercritical CO2 extraction? When the size of a solid material is at the "molecular level", "nanomaterials" are obtained. Nanomaterials add "molecular properties" and change the properties of general solid materials in many ways. Therefore, the properties of nanomaterials have been widely studied and applied. Similarly, "supercritical carbon dioxide" will have both gaseous and liquid properties, and this special property will be widely used.


Supercritical CO2 extraction has the following outstanding properties:


1) Safe and non-toxic;


2) Rich sources of carbon dioxide, easy to make, low production cost and convenient transportation;


3) The critical temperature and pressure of supercritical carbon dioxide production are moderate, and the requirements for production equipment are not high;


4) Supercritical carbon dioxide is chemically inert, non-flammable, generally does not participate in the reaction, and the operation is safe.


5) Supercritical carbon dioxide has strong solubilizing ability and is a good solvent because it has almost no surface tension in this state;


6) After dissolving the substance with supercritical carbon dioxide, it is easy to realize the separation of solvent and solute, especially the separation of substances that are not resistant to high temperature;


7) The fluidity of carbon dioxide in the gaseous and supercritical states is very good, and the conversion between the two states is very sensitive and convenient, and can be recycled as an "industrial heat" medium.


8) Whether as a solvent or as a thermal medium, it can be carried out on a large scale.


It is because of these properties that supercritical CO2 has a wide range of industrial applications.




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