Use of Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction


Use of Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology is widely used, and this article only introduces some of them. In fact, this technology is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as extracting enzymes, vitamins, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc. Extracting nicotine can be used to produce environmentally friendly pesticides.

Uses of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction



Supercritical CO2 extraction techniques are widely used, and this article describes only some of them. In fact, this technology is also widely used in industry, such as extracting enzymes, vitamin raw materials, etc., and extracting nicotine can be made into environmentally friendly products. This technology also has a good application in sewage treatment, the principle is to dissolve the pollutants in the sewage, and then reduce the pressure or increase the temperature, and separate the pollutants in the low-density state, so as to achieve the effect of sewage treatment. The technology is also widely used in chemical, light industry, petroleum and food industries.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Remove alkalis from tea: Fresh tea contains water-soluble theophylline, water-soluble beneficial alkali substances such as catechols and polyphenols, and flavor compounds. Steep fresh tea leaves with supercritical carbon dioxide, control the temperature and pressure, only let theophylline dissolve, and then filter out the fresh tea leaves, the tea leaves are still green, this is because the critical temperature of carbon dioxide is 31 ° C; Then, according to the processing method of the tea leaves, the tea leaves that are detheophylline are obtained. After removing theophylline, the tea still retains antioxidants, does not change the flavor of the original tea, and has no chemical residues.


Extraction of alkali substances: as alkali substances to extract alkali substances in coffee, tea, the use of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction after their separation, the advantages of the extraction technology are: low temperature, fast speed, high efficiency, good product quality, low cost, especially for those resources, good curative effect, less dosage, high added value alkali substances are more applicable.


Similarly, many alkaline substances can be extracted, such as ginseng, reishi, alkaline substances, etc. Anti-cancer substances can be extracted from a variety of plants, such as paclitaxel extracted from the bark and branches of paclitaxel to prevent diseases, effective substances extracted from onions extracted from ginkgo biloba to prevent cardiovascular disease, and so on.


Extraction of flavonoids: Flavonoids are beneficial for cardiovascular health. Flavonoids are widely found in some plants and berries in nature, with a total of about 4000,<> species, and their molecular structures are also different. Such as rutin, hesperidin, quercet, green tea polyphenols, anthocyanins, anthocyanic acid, etc. are flavonoids. Ginkgo, hawthorn, plum, sour fruit, grapes, elderberries, onions, broccoli, green tea, etc. all contain flavonoids. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of flavonoids is very effective.


Supercritical carbon dioxide has different solubilities at different temperatures and pressures, so the optimal extraction conditions should be repeatedly tested when extracting specific substances. China has established a number of large and medium-sized enterprises using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, with a wide variety of extraction.



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