Technical principle analysis of supercritical extraction equipment!


Supercritical fluid is a kind of supercritical fluid, which is neither gaseous nor liquid state between gas and liquid. This kind of material can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. The density of supercritical fluid is larger, similar to that of liquid, and its viscosity is closer to that of gas. So supercritical fluid is an ideal extractant.

Supercritical is a supercritical fluid, which is a non-gaseous and non-liquid state of matter between gas and liquid, which can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. Supercritical fluids have a greater density, similar to liquids, and their viscosity is closer to that of gases. Therefore, supercritical fluids are an ideal extractant.

Supercritical extraction equipment

Technical principle of supercritical extraction equipment: The principle of supercritical extraction equipment extraction (SFE) separation process is to use the relationship between the solubility of supercritical fluid and its density, that is, the influence of pressure and temperature on the solubility of supercritical fluid. In the supercritical state, the supercritical extraction equipment contacts the supercritical fluid with the substance to be separated, so that it selectively extracts the components of polarity, boiling point and molecular weight in turn.


Of course, the extract obtained corresponding to each pressure range cannot be single, but the conditions can be controlled to obtain the best proportion of mixed components, and then with the help of pressure reduction, heating method to make the supercritical fluid into ordinary gas, the extracted substance is completely or basically precipitated, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and purification, so the extraction process of supercritical extraction equipment is a combination of extraction and separation process.


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